In addition to a licensed café, Two Tall Chefs is a cheese shop specialising in a wide range of artisan cheeses from Australia and abroad, paired with good old-fashioned service. Our selection is ever changing, so you can experience cheese at its best – either take-away or in-house.

Our menu features two or four cheese platters. Match your cheese with a drop from our great selection of local wines, beers and ciders. With so much to chose from, our staff are at hand to help you find the perfect cheese and wine combination.

Cheese of the week

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17 February – Hornbacher
Hornbacher is made by passionate cheese maker, Michael Spycher, at his mountain dairy in Switzerland.
Named after a river which flows past the dairy, this cows milk cheese is made from milk supplied twice daily by local farmers.
Each wheel is matured for about a year, giving this semi-hard cheese its exceptionally creamy intense flavour and nutty, baked potato aroma.
Great for your everyday or special occasion cheese plate, this cheese is a TTC favourite.


15 October – #WickedCheese
Richmond Brie, the perfect cheese for any occasion, any time of the day.
Decadent and oozy when ripe, the nutty flavour sings through the creamy texture.
Made by Ashley McCoy, owner of Wicked Tasmania whose motto is ‘quality, quality, quality’, how can you go wrong.
The reputation of this boutique cheese maker is renowned across Australia and is backed by the awards and accolades Wicked Cheese has secured over the years.
Ashley likes to dabble in a little wine making too. The odd bottle of Wicked pinot noir has found its way onto the shelves at Two Tall Chefs, and even earned the praise of TTC’s disconcerting owner, Monte… a feat indeed!

20 September – #Reypenaer
Two of our favourite cheeses come from the infamous Dutch maker Wyngaard and this week features Reypenaer Cheese XO, aged Gouda.
Made in the producer’s 100 year old wooden warehouse, where the micro-climate is controlled naturally, allows the cheese to age at its own pace. Up to 25 per cent of the weight can be lost using this method but the end product is infinitely superior.
Made only using summer cows’ milk, Reypenaer is dry and crumbly. It has a delicious strong sweetness on the palate with a crystalline crunch. A surprisingly mild odour for a cheese aged 2 1/2 years and even though pasteurised you can still taste the grass and flora nuances that make this cheese even better.
Come and have a taste, you will take some home I guarantee! 


10 September – #BerrysCreekGourmetCheese
This week’s cheese is the Oak Blue by Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese which is named after the magnificent oak trees in Mossvale Park, close to Berry’s Creek where this luscious cheese is made. A gorgonzola style, packed full of flavours, it will tantalise all of your taste buds.
Cows milk and aged for three months, producer Barry Charlton is synonymous for creating hand crafted perfection, which this cheese certainly is.
Proven by repeatedly being awarded medals throughout Australia.

2 September – #MilawaCheese
King River Gold, one of the 1st cheeses David Brown of Milawa Cheese Company, Victoria ever made. Hugely popular amongst cheese lovers I would say this is an excellent introduction to a wash rind to those of you put off by the often strong odour….this one’s not too wiffy!
A cows milk cheese the flavours develop from the outside in due to it being smear ripened with a brine full of good bacteria every few days. This adds an earthyness to the already slightly smokey, rich flavour. The ‘loaf’ shaped cheese has a light orange, a subtle gritty rind which adds great texture to an already soft, scrumptious cheese.
Recently picking up another award at the AFA demonstrates its great consistency and Milawa’s commitment to the product. The recipe has been refined and is constantly evolving to give this cheese its well earned status.Available for tasting and taking home!

1 August – #MilleensCheese  #PerlLas  #StiltonCheese
More a cheese fest than a cheese of the week! I’ve chosen 3 beauties!
Milleens, the longest established Irish farmhouse cheese from Friesian cows grazing on the mountains. Complex yet delicate, rich and pungent, simply delicious.
Perl Las from Caws Dairy which means “Blue Pear” an organic Welsh cows milk cheese made using cast iron presses over 100 years old. A superb blue, creamy, gently salty and gains depth of flavour with maturity.
Stilton, Quintessentially English (there had to be one!). The only cheese to have a certified trade mark & EU protected name. Only seven dairies are allowed to produce the “King of cheeses” and must be located in one of three specific counties. Semi soft, blue veined creamy, spicy and smooth cows milk. its a must.
All are available and waiting to be eaten!

26 July – #ApostleWhey
Sorry I’m a day late, was busy taking my citizenship test….
Julian & Dianne Benson, originally dairy farmers started making #ApostleWheycheese 12 years ago. Close to the 12 Apostles on the infamous Great Ocean Road the family’s dairy herd produce milk high in protein and butterfat perfect ingredients for perfect cheese. #ApostleWheyTheGrotto is a Camembert style washed rind (in a very special brine)! It is a very pungent cheese with classic complex flavours of a great washed rind. Monte reckons it is best of its kind produced in Australia and he’s tried a few in his time – cheese I mean!
I passed by the way!

18 July – #LocheilanFarmhouseCheese
Staying very local this week with a cheese from Wunghnu, Victoria. Cathy & Les have recently taken the reigns of #LocheilanFarmhouseCheese and plan to continue making cheeses following the traditional philosophy and methods (with a few new plans up their sleeves!) as their predecessors. “We grow the grass that feeds the cows that give the milk that becomes the cheese” .
Ripened and sold in its natural rind #LocheilanTripleCream retains all of its natural flavours. Pure decadence, in the shape of a doughnut! As the name suggests this scrumptious, oozy Brie is ultra creamy and deliciously rich. Winner of a gold medal at the World Cheese Awards 2012 its a must. We have the 180g cheese ripening and ready for the weekend. Temptation will take over and the cheese will win!

11 July – Fowlers Cheese Tasmania
Cheese four…..#BayofFiresClothboundCheddar, from Fowlers Cheese Tasmania. Is aged for a minimum of 12 months being matured on pine boards which helps contribute to its characteristics. Crumbly in texture, the buttery cheddar developes into a sweet earthy flavour as its eaten.
Cheesemaker Ian Fowlers’ lineage dates back to 1600s in the UK, Ian being a 13th generation. He makes this amazing cheese using minimal technology and age old secret techniques, from a shipping container, possibly the smallest cheese factory in Tasmania!